Our mission is to help young people be healthy and united. By developing amateur hockey, we aim to provide the possibility of extreme but safe time spending. AHU values patriotic upbringing and unites people in a comfortable community.



  • Individuals

    Dispel fears. We strongly believe that everyone despite age, sex and skills, can play and enjoy hockey. AHU can find approaches for everyone. Organising our training, we pay attention to the safety and personal needs, so everyone can just come and try hockey. There is no need to think of equipment, ice, mentor or company — AHU will handle it.

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    Help become a team. Hockey players know everything about team spirit. AHU provides companies with two offers which will help to unite co-workers and make their free time healthier:  - Monthly pass as a company benefit for each employee; - Organisation of unique team building as a hockey play for the company.Choose one or both.

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    Non-profit and Charity events

    Unite for a better future. AHU team is driven by changes and actively looks for opportunities for positive impact. We encourage and support movements that develop Ukrainian hockey and create a comfortable and formative community for young people. 

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    Research and Cooperation

    Rethink experience and create new opportunities. AHU conducts comprehensive research on the development of hockey based on current results and examples of other countries. Our team provide a strategy for the development of specific areas and cooperate for its implementation.

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